Enter the world of virtual reality with our 3D capturing photogrammetry technologies. Besides capturing visible light with our cinema cameras, we also offer high-end 3D capturing of spaces with infrared precision. These scans can be viewed on all devices or the scanning data can be used to create entire environments, apps, games or architectural analytics - in VR, AR and MR.

We know how to touch people with our moving films but for some stories, you need another dimension to get the message properly communicated. As we are digital content artisans we also produce immersive virtual reality (VR, 360°,180°,etc)  content.

Bundling our expertise in technology, creativity and storytelling.

Custom Design

Didn't find what you were looking for? With our vast experience in

High-Tech Film (assisting) equipment development, we can customise or design your idea. Whether its an adapter plate for your tripod or a gimbal that fits your 35mm camera.

We got you covered with our fully 

in-house R&D team at Exversa Design.

Profesional Service

We all know productions can take place at the most remote locations or in the middle of the night. This is why we tend to be very flexible and won't give no as an immediate answer. Feel free to ask and

we'll listen, observe and advise.

Our knowledge ranges from technical specifications to the creative applicability of our gear.

Ready for Travel

The systems we use are designed

to pack down into special cases allowing us to operate worldwide.

According to current regulations.

We tend to have a knack for being on time, whether it is a mile down the street or the other side of the planet. No need to be afraid  that our team (and our equipment) can't get there!


All of our hardware is equipped with redundant technology that takes over if one would happen to fail. We periodically check our gear and test all crucial functionality to minimise possible failures. Also, we optionally have a second set at hand when there would be no possibility to fix parts on the spot.

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