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Exversa Avalon Heavy-Lift UAV Platform

High-Tech cine-FPV and

aerial cinematography

With more than 8 years of experience in the UAV design industry, we know every part of its core. Combined with our experience in cinematography, we know how to get the shot. These days everybody can buy a drone, but operating them with surgical precision is what we do best.

From indoor cine-FPV drones to 1.5m heavy lifters;

we always have the right platform to do the job

nieuwe camera boven.png

Switch effortlessly to a top-mount configuration within 5 minutes. Allowing for a clear top view and an exceptional camera perspective. No need to change cameras, you can just swap your ground setup.


Our Fleet.

Our systems are specifically designed for aerial cinematography use but are versatile enough to be used as general UAV platforms. Whether it's a cinema camera, IR-sensitive camera or even special equipment and tools; we make sure they fly without a hitch.

Exversa UAV / Drone Fleet

Exversa P700

DJI S900

Exversa Avalon

Capable of flying both in- and outdoor with a top-mount or underslung configuration. It folds down to a very portable size but still has low rpm efficiency. The P700 has successfully flown at elevations of over 3000 meters above sea-level with an approximate flight time of 18 minutes. It still features a retractable landing gear as seen on bigger platforms to have a 360° clear view.

The DJI S900 is our trusty workhorse for smaller productions. Flying the Panasonic GH4 it delivers a clear 4K image perfect for online video use. With a flight time of roughly 15 minutes, it will give enough room to take multiple shots. Because of its fairly big size and low weight, it can handle even the roughest winds.

We have customised our S900 to suit our needs and increase safety as on the Avalon


  • Dual-operator

  • 15 minute flight time

  • GH4 4K with 12mm prime

  • Retractable landing gear

  • Convenient all-in Peli Case

  • Weight: 3,3Kg

  • MTOW: 8,2Kg

  • Small but powerful

  • Folds down to a small unit

  • Single- or dual-operator

  • Retractable landing gear

  • Easy top-mount or underslung

  • Weight: 1,5Kg

  • MTOW: 5Kg

  • Dual-operator

  • 15-60 minute flight time

  • High-efficiency and redundancy

  • Retractable landing gear

  • Easy top-mount or underslung

  • Film or inspection

  • Weight: 3,9Kg

  • MTOW: 16Kg

Our most versatile UAV platform yet.

With top mount or underslung mounting options, no shot is impossible for the Avalon. Next to its 15kg payload capacity and 60+ minutes flight time on lower payloads, it also has 3x redundant internals as well as a heated flight controller to fly even in sub-zero conditions.  Thanks to its low rpm motors and wide props it can move more air on lower power at higher elevated locations. And best of all; it can effortlessly fit your ground setup

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