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Dedicated to making your brand as appealing as possible

Exversa Production is a full-service creative production company focussed on creative storytelling.

We create and use the newest technologies to capture stunning stories that are ready for the next generation. Deep-rooted passion has led us to capture exclusive content that gratifies the audience. In a world flooded with commercial media, it's essential to identify yourself as truly and genuinely as possible.

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The Idea

It’s the cornerstone of every production, ideas arise at any given time of the day; before, during, or after the brainstorm session. Modest or exuberant, they are all of significant value for the future process; our goal is to collect these ideas and translate them into a solid concept. Our experts are here for you to discuss and advise important topics regarding film production. From strategy, and brainstorming to planning and budgeting. We are always open to listen and advise in this ever-evolving medium of visual communication. We open the door to successful and innovative film production that speaks to your audience, we just need you to walk along.

The Production

Bold ideas can entail production challenges but we always make sure we have the right tools on hand to make any idea practically feasible. We design the machines, systems and robots to get our cameras in places it hasn’t seen before. From crisp imaging to high-resolution audio composing, our team has all the expertise ready to be deployed. Technology is a fundamental component to convey a message accurately, don’t hesitate to ask us the ‘impossible’. We always tailor our productions to the needs of a client.

The Exversa Effect

Getting people to remember you and your message isn’t an easy job, in fact, the brain selectively decides what to memorise and what to forget. Of course, nobody wants to endure the ‘second decision’; this is where

our films make the difference. There are a dime a dozen film production companies but they all sell the same thing; a video. We don’t just sell ‘videos’, we establish an effect. An effect that suits your branding

or expression and will seamlessly fit your online-, social- and TV-presence. Whether it’s a 30-second commercial or a 1,5-hour feature film; we’ll make sure it matches the identity you want to portray. Our films are exclusive to you, the client. We don’t do variety packages but every production gets the same attention and devotion

it deserves.

Our recent work

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