vibration Isolator

The Exversa Maven is a modular cinema vibration isolator

that passively isolates gimbal systems from vibration caused

by a vehicles movement. It absorbs motion to a level where

the gimbal can easily stabilise the remaining movements.

Cars, boats and bikes can now smoothly carry a camera system.

Avoid unnecessary vibrations when shooting on moving vehicles. Establish ultra smooth chasing shots with your gimbal of choice.

Mounting a camera system to a moving vehicle can be an unstable nightmare, let alone when there is a need for motion control and the use of a gimbal. Modern gimbals are made to smooth out constant motion but are not capable of absorbing jittery vibrations. In fact, micro-vibrations on a gimbal system can make its PID controller amplify this signal, increasing the level of vibrations on the camera. By adding a vibration isolator to your setup, a well-tuned gimbal only has to stabilise a constant motion. Key is that this motion has to be free of bumps, vibrations and jitters; those are taken care of by the Maven isolator.

Traditional vibration isolators can be used on one side only. By allowing a connection through the bottom plate, the Maven can be used by top mount or underslung.  With plenty of 3/8” mounting holes, the Exversa Maven can be attached to nearly any vehicle. In combination with our versatile suction cup system or directly as on our CineBike.

Why use a Vibration Isolator?

  • Reduces stress on gimbal bearings during fast movements

  • Translates jerky vehicle moves into a steady motion

  • Allows for easy mounting with 3/8' cheese plate

  • Gimbal can be mounted on-top or underslung

  • Significantly reduces jello in shaking scenarios

  • Made of extremely tough 6mm carbon fibre

  • 3 - 7kg payload for 5mm coated wire rope

  • 7 - 12kg payload for 6mm stainless wire rope


Questions about the Maven Vibration Isolator?

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