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Exversa EVO Cablecam Huren

Cable cam

The Exversa EVO is a powerful cablecam / flyline system, designed

to be lightweight and optimised for endurance use.

It has proven itself to be very useful at big concerts in various stadiums but isn't shy for smaller productions on even the most challenging locations.

Fly lightning fast along objects with utmost framing precision, both indoor and outdoor.

A cablecam is safe, silent, reliable and repeatable.

Why use a Cablecam?

The biggest advantage of using a cablecam is that it enables you to 

safely and efficiently make shots where a drone could be of possible hazard

or inconvenience. Primarily at concerts or festivals where there is a need to fly above

big crowds. It can also replace a long dolly track that is hard to position on uneven surfaces.

Where a cablecam produces significantly less noise than a flying drone with the same payload

capacity. Due to its ability to operate quietly, the EVO works explicitly well in natural environments.

If a location allows for at least 2 suitable attachment points, the system is operational within minutes.

Exversa EVO Calecam Huren


  • A safe way to fly above crowds and people.

  • Reliable and silent.

  • Operational within several minutes.

  • No need for a big crew.

  • Convenient setup; travel ready.

  • Capable of achieving speeds up to 55km/u.

  • Payload capacity of 15kg.

  • Includes trained operator.

Questions about the EVO Cablecam?

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