We know how to touch people with our moving films but for some stories, you need another dimension to get the message properly communicated. As we are digital content artisans we also produce immersive virtual reality (VR, 360°,180°, etc). Bundling our expertise in technology, creativity and storytelling. 

Immersive Media

Deeply engaging storytelling with an additional dimension for the next generation of film production.

Grab your audience with innovative content on any mobile device or on premise VR-platforms.

Why go immersive?

As we stressed before, storytelling is about emotion, different amounts of information require different tools.

Emerging the viewer with the location, content and awareness of your story. Aspects like 3D imaging and the use of spatial audio can draw the viewer into your message as never before. Where 360° video is suitable for real-world scenarios, e.g., documentary and live events. 180° 3D also allows for a more cinematic perspective and ease of production. 180° video is relatively new but already widely appreciated as the production allows for more creative flexibility. In fact, we prefer 180° over 360° because of the 3D capabilities combined with stunning resolutions as we use cinema cameras with fish-eye lenses of which the implementation options are more versatile than those of 360° VR. No, 3D is not a gimmick

but essential to comply with proper storytelling.

It naturally lowers the barrier to full-immersion VR.


  • Real-world or VR (animated) immersive films

  • Playback even possible on mobile platforms

  • Multiple capturing technologies available 

  • Endless possibilities for immersive experience

Questions about how you can use Immersive Media?

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