For the new Jazz club Fifth NRE in Eindhoven we created an interactive tour as a map to highlight the concepts and show the guests around before their arrival at the premises. Guests can walk around to get previews of the environment and vibe. The concepts of The Main, The Stage, The Bar, The Roast & The Room are not only visually represented in the tour but also include the 5 moodfilms that introduce you to the staff. As shown below, we can highlight certain features and link various content to it. In our case, films and the restaurant menu.


  • 4K photography

  • 3D walkthroughs on any device

  • Includes trained operator

  • Ideal for real estate presentations

  • Distribute across web, print and VR

  • Acquire 99% accurate 3D measurements

  • Generate floor plans of your spaces

  • Export 134.2MP equirectangular

  • Export point cloud for digital reproduction

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