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Matterport 3D

Virtual tour service

Looking for a high-end virtual tour? Enter the world of virtual reality with our 3D capturing virtual tour technologies. Besides capturing visible light with our cinema cameras, we also offer high-end 3D capturing of spaces with infrared precision. These scans can be viewed on all devices or the data can be used to create entire environments, apps or architectural analytics. In VR, AR and MR.

Hassle-free 3D scanning for the next generation of real-world immersive media.

With unlimited use cases that have a need for VR and AR integration.

How does it work?

The Matterport 3D camera captures high resolution 360° panorama photos with its 3 HDR cameras to give a visual representation of the environment. Next to this, it also uses 3 infrared projectors alongside the 3 visible light cameras to project a dot map on the surroundings. By using an additional set of infrared capturing cameras and depth sensing technology it also generated a 99% accurate 3D model of the environment. Onto which it maps the captured “visible” image to create a unique and innovative 3D panoramic tour.


  • 4K photography

  • 3D walkthroughs on any device

  • Includes trained operator

  • Ideal for real estate presentations

  • Distribute across web, print and VR

  • Acquire 99% accurate 3D measurements

  • Generate floor plans of your spaces

  • Export 134.2MP equirectangular

  • Export point cloud for digital reproduction


Questions about the Matterport 3D?

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